Baton Rouge Spray Foam Insulators Stand Out!

The U.S. military developed spray foam insulation in the 1940s and used it in airplanes at that time. Thirty years later, foam insulation became popular in construction of buildings and homes. Spray foam insulation Baton Rouge became a leader in the industry.

The outstanding benefit of foam insulation is that it provides a significant savings on energy costs. Research by the US Department of Energy has shown that up to forty percent of a home’s heat or air conditioning is lost due to air infiltration from doorways, windows, and walls. Homes treated with spray foam insulation have much less energy loss than those treated with other types of insulation products. This product is permanent and will not shift or sag.

Moisture control is also an added benefit. Spray foam inhibits the formation of harmful mildew and mold by eliminating moisture. Because it is difficult to eliminate mold and mold spores in the indoor environment, the best way to control mold growth is to eliminate moisture. Foam insulation is the ideal choice. The nature of this product also reduces noises and serves as a sound barrier as well as enhancing overall building stability because it is seamless and monolithic.

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